6 Surprising Signs That You May Be Way Smarter Than Most People

It is a fact that some people are smarter than others. They are more inclined to new knowledge and always crave for new information. Learning something new is their way of improving.

Below are listed 6 signs which show that you might be more intelligent than other people.

  1. You are thin. Surprisingly, the Neurology journal published an article where it was stated that people who are thinner have a capability to memorize new things faster than people who are overweight. Thus, according to science, if you are thin, you are more likely to become intelligent.
  2. You are left-handed. Another study published in the New Yorker stated that people who are lefties are mentally more flexible than right-handed people. Left-handed people are also more creative and productive.
  3. You are an introvert. Scientists have found out that more than 50 percent of children who are introverts are extremely talented and smart. When they become adults, they are more likely to overanalyze things, which is another trait intelligent people possess.
  4. You were breast-fed when you were a baby. A study published in Brazil found out that those adults who were breast-fed for a longer period of time performed better at school and became more successful in life.
  5. You talk to yourself. Although some people think that when people talk to themselves they are crazy, in fact, such people are extremely smart. Those people who talk to themselves when they are alone recognize their problems easier and find better solutions.
  6. You are adaptable. You find it quite easy to adapt to new and challenging situations, which is a sign of intelligence. Scientists have found out that smart people know how to change their behavior better in order to adapt faster to new environments.

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