What Happens After You Die? Scientists Explain What Happens to Soul After Death

A well-known doctor has made some ground-breaking news when he stated he has found out what actually happens when we die. According to him, this from the first sight painful experience is actually peaceful and pleasant.

He states that a person is considered dead when his brain stops functioning as blood can’t stream to it anymore. Our organism becomes lifeless and other parts of our body which are vital in order for us to function well stop working. This is the time which doctors refer to as the time of death.

Dr. Parnia, who has written a lot of articles and books about death, has claimed that when a person is dying naturally, he is actually enjoying the process. His whole body becomes relaxed and peaceful. For some of us, it might be hard to believe this theory as we imagine death as the most painful experience.

Some people are lucky enough to wake up after a clinic death. When they describe this experience, such people in fact don’t remember anything negative. They state that they have seen a warm and bright light, welcoming them to come closer. In many cases, these bright lights they consider to be their deceased relatives.

Moreover, there are also people who claim that their souls separate from their bodies, fly up the room and they are able to see their lifeless body and doctors around it.

Sometimes it may sound strange that people who get a chance to wake up after coma remember all the words which were said around them when they were unconscious.

Dr. Parnia has claimed that these statements of people who come back to life are quite natural. He believes that seeing deceased relatives is not a proof that there exists afterlife, but brain’s ability to scan itself in order to stay alive.

Dr. Parnia believes that death shouldn’t be only investigated through the lens of religion or philosophy, but it can also be explained through science.

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