The 6 Simple Laws of Karma That Will Change Your Life

In the past people believed in the Laws of Karma and based their behavior and actions on it. Although the Laws of Karma were invented long time ago, they can still be applicable today.

Therefore, if you want to make some changes in your life, these 6 Laws of Karma can guide you to a positive lifestyle.

  1. The Great Law. This law states that what you do is what you get. It is all about cause and effect. For example, you may think that nobody will ever love you. In this case, you should pay more attention to yourself and decide whether you love yourself enough or not. If you see only flaws in yourself, other people will do the same. On the other hand, if you focus on your positive qualities, other people will see only good things in you, too.
  2. The Law of Creation. This law says that we create what we have around us. Even if you feel that you don’t do anything – you in fact do something. Often people talk about situations which happen to them but they rarely realize that in order for those situations to happen they also did something.
  3. The Law of Humility. This law states that you need to accept what is going on in your life. Only when you admit it, you will be ready to change something in it. In such a way, you will realize that change, which you feared for so long, can be positive and bring you happiness.
  4. The Law of Growth. Your happiness doesn’t depend on outside factors. If you want to be happy, you have to create such feeling inside you and only then your surroundings will change. This is what it means to grow as a person, according to Karma.
  5. The Law of Responsibility. This law states that you have to feel responsible for what is happening in your life and don’t blame it on anyone.
  6. The Law of Connection. If you want to accomplish your goals and fulfil your dreams, you need to understand the importance of the first step you take. Without the first and the last step, your journey couldn’t be done. These two steps connect what you started and what you finished.

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