The 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe and What They Mean

You probably don’t even realize that there are so many spiritual laws of the universe which can impact every part of your life. In fact, there are 12 spiritual laws which teach all you need to know about happiness, success and overall well-being.

When you look deeper in all of them, you eventually realize why you were put on this earth and what your life is truly about. Also, you get to know more about your needs. Thus, below in brief are explained these main spiritual laws of the universe.

  1. The Law of Divine Oneness simply states that whatever you do will affect other people and the rest of the world. Every motion, every decision and every step you take is related to other things in the world and affects it in some ways.
  2. The Law of Vibration is about movement and energy. Everything on this earth is constantly changing. Everything surrounding you has its own energy which is transmitted to the rest of the world.
  3. The Law of Correspondence is about patterns. Something you do today is repeated by other people, as well. The universe is full of different patterns and routines which we acquire.
  4. The Law of Attraction states that if you want to have a positive life, you have to radiate positivity. For example, if you want to receive love from others, you have to give love, too.
  5. The Law of Inspired Action simply teaches you that in order to reach your goals, you have to do something. Yes, being positive about it and believing that you will succeed is important but it is also essential to put some action into achieving your dreams.
  6. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy is about transmitting energy to others. A simple example could be being surrounded by positive people and eventually becoming positive one, too.
  7. The Law of Cause and Effect is about reactions to our actions. In addition, it has something to do with our spiritual world. Your inner world can affect the outside world in a negative or positive way, as well.
  8. The Law of Compensation states that you get what you give. Some people would call it karma. Thus, you have to pay attention to how you treat other people as it can come in a boomerang effect.
  9. The Law of Relativity is all about the neutrality of things. All good or bad things become so when we compare them.
  10. The Law of Polarity states that everything in life has opposites. For example, only when you face tough times you can understand the true value of happy moments.
  11. The Law of Rhythm is about life cycles. Everything in the world is connected and comprises a life cycle. This law is focused on the movement – the cycle doesn’t stand still, it rotates all the time.
  12. The Law of Gender doesn’t focus on the actual sex. Every person has something masculine and feminine inside them. We all have different energies in our inner worlds and the main thing is to find a balance between them. When you do that, you can live happily and peacefully in your inner world.

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