Self-Worth: How to Be Yourself When Valuing Yourself

People who are confident are usually happier than those who have self-esteem issues. Confident people are motivated to reach their goals, they are determined and it is easier for them to embrace change or accept new things.

Not many of us realize that in order to become confident, you have to know your true self and be ok with the way you are. If you don’t feel that you are good enough, you create an image in your head that you are not as worthy as other people and it could really make you more anxious and stressed.

Firstly, what is self-worth to you? It probably has something to do with being accepted by yourself. You feel that you are worthy the same amount of respect and attention that other people get. If your self-worth levels are normal, then you see yourself as a good person and you rarely beat yourself up for something that you have or have not done. Such people also know what kind of relationships they need to get involved into if they want to be happy. Also, people who have high self-worth always make themselves a priority.

Thus, how to know if your self-worth levels are low? Below is mentioned a list of signs which show that you don’t treat yourself the way you should.

  1. You change when you are around certain people. In order to be accepted by some people, you pretend to be who you are actually not. You have to realize that not all people will like you and you don’t have to put yourself in a certain frame so you would be accepted by others. Be yourself and spend time with those who appreciate and respect your true personality.
  2. You want to be approved by others. This point is connected to the first one. You want to be acknowledged and liked by other people. You don’t feel confident by yourself thus you need other people to tell you how wonderful and strong you are. Such people are also weak in making decisions. They would usually ask others opinions before they choose something.
  3. You don’t express your needs. People who feel unworthy rarely tell their true thoughts just because they don’t want to be rejected by others or cause arguments as they don’t feel capable of dealing with it. Thus, they usually prefer to be silent if they see that they are not treated the way they want to.
  4. You let other people use you for their own needs. In some cases, people who lack self-worth let other people take advantage of them as they believe that it is the right way to do so since they are weaker. They are often well aware of the fact that others are using them but they are not strong enough to stand their own ground.
  5. You don’t love yourself. Self-worth is related to self-love. If you have low self-worth levels, you probably think that no one could fall in love with you or you even don’t know how to show love to yourself.

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