12 Emotional Scars Abused Children Carry Into Adulthood

  1. Low self-esteem. Not only children who were abused but also those who lived in loving households happen to have low self-esteem. It all depends on their personalities. Self-esteem can be raised through positive affirmations and going to therapies.
  2. Mental illness. Children who were abused are more likely to be diagnosed with mental illnesses when they grow up. They become depressed, suffer panic attacks and have personality disorders.
  3. Emotional instability. Such children are also unable to deal with their emotions in healthy ways. They don’t know how to calm themselves down. Thus, they usually find unhealthy ways how to deal with their inner stress, such as bullying others.
  4. Problems finding a stable partner. When they grow up, abused children have a lot of troubles finding someone who they can trust. Even when they are in a relationship, they are constantly looking for red flags in their relationships and create unnecessary problems.
  5. Stress and physical effects. Adults who were abused when they were little usually teach their brains not to remember painful events. However, even if you train your brain successfully to block traumatic experiences, your body still remembers them. It can react intensely when you are faced with stressors from your childhood.
  6. Substance abuse issues. People who have emotional scars try to get rid of them using medication, such as antidepressants. Sometimes people are not so brave asking therapists to help them and instead they turn to alcohol to solve their problems. However, such solutions are not lasting.
  7. Resentment and aggression. Abused adults become resentful to those who caused them harm. They become aggressive to everyone around them as they believe that people are out there to get them.
  8. Sleep disorders and nightmares. It can be easy to block traumatic experience during the day when you are so busy. But when the night comes, your mind usually recalls things from your past which left a huge impact on you. Thus, you tend to dwell on events which happened in your past, and it makes it difficult to fall asleep and if you do fall asleep, you have nightmares.

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