12 Emotional Scars Abused Children Carry Into Adulthood

Emotional traumas are harder to overcome than physical ones. Someone who is constantly abused becomes isolated and feels that there is not a single person who he can trust. For example, children see their parents as their biggest supporters and protectors. If someone behaves badly with them, children go to their parents for comfort. But what happens when parents abuse their children? In such way, they are taught that there is no one to go for help as people who should be their biggest supporters break this trust.

Emotional trauma which children suffer usually continues when they become grown-ups. There are 12 things emotionally abused children carry into their adulthood.

  1. Inability to trust. As it has been mentioned, children who were abused can’t trust anyone even when they grow up. Such people are unable to form new relationships or maintain a romantic relationship because they are always thinking that people will cheat on them or deceive them.
  2. Sexual inadequacies. Children who were sexually abused don’t see sex as pleasure. It has become something which should be avoided as they grow up to think that it is a form a punishment. When a grown-up thinks this way, it can be even harder for him to find a partner and maintain a healthy relationship.
  3. Fear of men/women. If it was their mother who abused them, grown-up children may shy away from women, whereas if their father was abusive, children who become adults may not even want to make friends with male people.
  4. Constant need for validation. Children who were abused grow up to be adults who always seek validation from others. They believe that something is wrong with them and that’s why they were not accepted by their parents. Thus, they depend on others to make them feel valued.

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