Complaining Is Terrible For You, According to Science

When you focus on negativity, it can have lasting effects on your physical as well as emotional well-being. Complaining is one of the most common ways to express negativity. People complain in order to let their negative feelings out. After they are done doing so, they feel better although it doesn’t help them to solve any problems.

Scientists, on the other hand, have found out that complaining doesn’t make people feel better at all. In fact, it is very contagious and makes your listeners feel bad, too. It not only brings you and others down, but also affects your physical and mental health.

Below are described 2 ways how you make your health worse if you complain a lot.

  1. You are whom you hang out with. In the same way as negative thoughts make you feel negative, the same happens when you spend your time with people who are always unhappy about their lives. If before you didn’t complain much but you spend time with people who do it a lot, you will become a complainer, too. Scientists have noticed that when we communicate with others and they express a certain emotion, we feel the same way they do because we try to imagine what they are going through. Thus, if you want to be positive, you should hang out with people who express positive feelings instead of negative ones.
  2. Stress does harm to your body. It has been proven that the more negative feelings you express and focus on them, the worse your immune system becomes. Thus, people who often complain are more prone to illnesses. When people complain, their blood pressure goes up, their heart starts beating fast and their brain doesn’t get enough oxygen, which can have lasting effects on your health.

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