6 Real Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

How can you tell if someone is thinking about you? Are there any signs which can prove that someone loves you? In fact, there is.

Have you ever noticed that you already knew that something was going to happen? It seems as if you could read someone else’s mind.

Has it ever happened to you that you and your friend started doing something at the same time? For example, you began singing the same song at the same time without even knowing it? Some people may treat such situations as coincidences, but others agree that it is because of the unity of your souls.

Sometimes you just need to look at a person and you know exactly what he is thinking. This is what scientists call telepathic connection.

In order to see signs that someone is thinking about you, you have to be open to receive them. If you deny those signs, your subconscious also won’t let you recognize those who might be thinking about you all the time. Thus, you should be extremely open to the signs mentioned below if you want to know if someone has you on his mind or not.

  1. Subconscious smile. You may not recognize that your body reacts to you emotions. For example, if you are happy about something, you will smile involuntary. When a person who likes you sees you, he will also involuntary smile. It is something that can’t be hidden. It may be compared to a situation when you do something good at work and you get a lot of praise, whereas your friend who also worked hard didn’t get acknowledged. You want to smile but you don’t want to hurt your friend. However, sometimes we can’t control our happiness and we smile anyways. The same happens when someone who likes you sees you.
  2. Your emotions suddenly change. One moment you are feeling happy and laughing when suddenly you become sad and angry. Do you know why such things happen? It is because when someone is thinking about you hard enough, your energy fields get confused and your mood changes from happy to sad or vice versa.
  3. You feel the need to be closer to each other. Have you ever thought why people fall in love with certain people? It seems as if they were meant for each other but how they met? Once again, it has something to do with your subconscious. When you seek love, you look for that person who could complete you and make your life happier. Your subconscious takes a huge role here – it seeks for that specific person. If that special someone is thinking about you all the time too, you will meet each other eventually. After you meet, you will realize that you knew each other already – maybe you passed each other on the street or you had mutual friends.
  4. Strange physical reactions. Making sudden eye movements is another sign that someone is thinking about you. However, in this case, a person might not think about you in a positive way. If your right eye is twitching, that means that someone is probably talking trash about you. But if you make sudden movements only in your left eye, a person who is thinking about you likes you. Also, when you hiccup and nothing helps, try to say someone’s name and see what happens. If you stop, it means that person was talking negatively about you, too. In addition, if you feel your ears getting red, it is a sign that someone is thinking positively about you. If you don’t have allergies and you are not in a dusty room but you sneeze so loud and hard that even your body shakes, it also shows that someone is thinking about you and missing you.
  5. Your mind becomes tense. Have you ever eaten something and started choking? Or you were drinking water and you swallowed it to the wrong pipe and began desperately seeking air? It happened because someone was thinking about you. Most of the times, when it happens, people are talking or thinking about you in a negative way and it is your mind’s way of warning you about it.
  6. Positive energy. Our mind is capable not only warn us when someone is thinking badly about us, but also when someone really likes us. When you have a good overall feeling, it means that someone who likes you wishes to be with you. You may feel depressed before, but when this strange feeling happens, your energy gets uplifted and you become motivated to go on with your life because you feel that for someone you are important.

Therefore, when you notice these signs, focus on the fact that someone might be thinking about you.

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