5 Signs You’re Smarter Than You Think

People who tend to be overly confident treat themselves better than others. They also believe that they are more intelligent. However, there is a different type of people who don’t recognize how smart they are.

Below are mentioned the main signs which, according to science, show that you are smarter than you think.

  1. You are extremely creative. According to psychologists, creativity is one of the most important signs which show that a person is intelligent. Creative people’s minds work differently. They are forced to think outside the box when they create new and innovative ideas. People who are extremely creative often work in ad agencies as their creative side is best used there.
  2. You are messy. It has been proven that people who are messy are extremely smart. People who work in messy workplaces often have more creative and interesting ideas than those who work in an organized workplace. Thus, you shouldn’t worry if your space at work or your room is messy. Remember that it shows that your IQ is higher than those people who work or live in tidy places.
  3. You are curious. People who are open to new ideas and opinions suck new information in like a sponge. If you are curious about everything that is going on, you are more intelligent than you think. However, learning in itself doesn’t make you clever, it is your desire to learn more what makes you smarter.
  4. You catch yourself talking to yourself. A lot of people believe that those who talk to themselves are insane. However, it actually means that you are smart. Talking to yourself is another form of intelligence. Also, such people have higher self-control levels, which leads us to the next point.
  5. You are extremely self-controlled. People often don’t pay attention to this quality and they don’t think that it means something when in fact it is one of the most important signs which show that you are very intelligent.

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