10 Signs of a True Friendship That Lasts Forever

In the technological era we live today, it is very easy to find new friends. All you need to do is find groups on Facebook which interest you and chat with someone or download applications where you can swipe left or right in order to talk to people you like. However, you need to keep in mind that online friends will never replace real life friends.

You may be jealous of those who have thousands of friends on their Facebook accounts. But what you don’t realize is that usually such people have only a few friends in real life. They are merely collectors of friends on Facebook in order to get likes and comments. In order to survive, we need real communication with others. Recent studies have shown that the technological era has given birth to more and more lonely people who find it hard to interact in real life.

If you have only one good friend, you should feel lucky as true friendships are hard to find nowadays. Some people don’t have any friends. Also, if you see someone lonely and sad in the corner, don’t be hesitant to go to him and start a conversation. Friendships in fact start in such a way – when two people who don’t know each other start communicating.

Below are mentioned 10 signs which show that you have true friends.

  1. They accept you just the way you are. You don’t have to behave as someone you are not when you are with your real friends. You know that they accept you with all your flaws because they simply like to spend time with you. They like your personality and you like theirs.
  2. They stay with you when you go through rough times. This is the main sign which shows if someone is your real friend or not. Fake friends are those who only need you when everything goes right and leave you when you need their support. They don’t care about you if you have to go through hard times. They won’t even ask you if you need their help. On the other hand, real friends help you without even asking because when you suffer, it hurts them, too.
  3. You are not jealous of each other. When you achieve something big in life or start a new relationship, fake friends will get jealous. True friends are those who are happy if you are happy. If you enjoy your achievements, they will enjoy them with you. If you find your true love, they will be happy for you, too.
  4. You can share your secrets with them. You know that they won’t blab it out as they respect you and your privacy. On the other hand, fake friends will listen to your secrets with only one goal – to tell them to somebody else.
  5. You make efforts in order for your friendship to last. We have those people in our lives who it seems we are always chasing and always ask them to meet us but we don’t feel the same from them. They simply don’t show any efforts in trying to meet with us or simply talk to us. True friendships are those where both people put equal efforts in order to strengthen their bond and spend time with each other.
  6. When you are with them, you forget the real world for a while. After you meet them, you feel motivated and life seems to be better, whereas after meeting with fake friends, you feel as if they suck the energy out of you. True friendships are about giving and taking. You can make each other laugh and forget about your troubles for some time.
  7. They tell you what you need to know and not only what you wish to know. True friends won’t tell you half-truths in order not to hurt you. They know that you need to know the truth because you are worthy of it. They tell you how things are so that you could take the right decisions. You shouldn’t misunderstand them – true friends only have good intentions towards you although at such times they may appear rude. True friends are honest and they really care about you and your well-being.
  8. When you make a mistake, they forgive you. Imagine you tell your friend something hurtful because you had a bad day at work or have problems in your family. True friends won’t get offended by it as they know that you didn’t mean it. They accept your apologies and forgive you. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever get into an argument. However, you won’t let those arguments ruin your friendships.
  9. They don’t talk behind your back – they tell it to your face. True friends never gossip about you. When they want to say something about you, good or bad, they say it directly to you even if sometimes such situations can be confusing or uncomfortable.
  10. They don’t get upset when you meet other friends, too. True friends don’t control you. If they do so, it is all about their own insecurities as they are afraid that you will leave them for some other friends. True friends realize the fact that they can’t spend all their time with you as both you and they need a break sometimes, too. True friends also won’t get jealous if you go out somewhere without them.

True friends let you talk when you want to – they are not self-centered and don’t talk about themselves all the time. They don’t interrupt you if you have something to say.

Moreover, they are active listeners. When you tell them something important or just want to share something, true friends don’t get distracted. They keep an eye contact because they want you to know that they are interested in you.

When we are with our real friends, we are not afraid of their judgments and criticism. We can show them our most vulnerable sides as we know that we can trust them.

True friendship is what keeps us alive and helps us to survive. We need human interaction and not a single social media platform will ever replace it.

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