10 Most Attractive Traits to Have

Attractiveness means different things to different people. The qualities you look in other people may not be that important to others. However, psychologists agree that there are certain common qualities which make you look more attractive and we list them below.

  1. Your personality. It consists of your opinions, thoughts and ideas. It makes you unique.
  2. Your smile. When you smile, you make it easier for others to approach you as no one wants to speak with a person who appears grumpy. Smiles are contagious. Thus, when you smile, it is very likely that people around you will start smiling, too.
  3. How you treat others. The way you treat others shows what kind of person you are on the inside. People who take care of others and treat everyone kindly and respectfully are more attractive than selfish people.
  4. Your intellect. When people hear you tell stories or prove your opinion by facts, you become more reliable and attractive. In order to survive, we need to communicate with each other and when you have a lot of things to say about different subjects, it makes people want to spend more time with you.
  5. Your happiness. Your happiness shows not only through smiling but also through positive energy which radiates around you. It is quite easy to tell if someone is happy or sad. Happy people are inspiring, which makes them look attractive.
  6. Your eyes. You can tell a lot about a person by merely looking into their eyes. It is surprising how you can tell if a person is ill or not by simply looking at their eyes. No wonder that eyes are called the window to your soul.
  7. The way you carry yourself. How you carry yourself can also determine if you are attractive or not. People are drawn to those who seem to be in control and confident.
  8. Your singing voice. If when you sing, you have a power to calm someone down or soothe them, it is quite a wonderful trait to have and it makes you look attractive.
  9. The ability to make others feel their best. You have probably met someone with who you only talked for a short time but already felt that you knew them from long ago. Usually, such people are called soulmates. If you don’t criticize others, understand them and motivate them to reach their goals and dreams, it makes you attractive, too.
  10. Your sense of humor. People want to spend more time with those who can make them laugh. Thus, having a great sense of humor is one of the qualities which make you attractive, too.

Now that we discussed what makes you look attractive, there are some things worth mentioning which doesn’t make you look this way. It includes being hot-tempered, having bad manners and poor hygiene, bragging and talking negatively about others.

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